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Student Resources
I currently teach classes at the Conejo Valley Adult School in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and InDesign. We have a Beginning and Advanced Graphic Design certificate program or individual software classes. We are always working on new classes as well. Check out the website to find out about dates, times, etc.


Downloadable PDFs

File Extensions

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Photoshop Resources

InDesign Resources

File Formats

15 Photoshop Shortcuts
You Should Memorize

15 InDesign Shortcuts
You Should Memorize

Photoshop Actions


Debi's InDesign Templates - These are ID templates that I've downloaded or created.

InDesign Tips from Robin Williams - Tons of information and free templates

Online Resources – pre-designed templates for purchase – Before & After
online magazine available as subscription but lots of free stuff
on the website. Also have free
podcasts on iTunes!

Stock photography

Adobe Stock - Adobe bought DollarPhotoClub so has fabulous inventory. Average price is $10 per image. Not a fan of the subscription. - Pricey but
great inventory

Fonts for purchase - upload a small
image and the website will often
identify the font or offer one
that's similar - Love them!
But a little pricey.

Stock vector images – average cost is $1 per image and is fully editable in Illustrator. Art is modern and beautiful. – free company logos galore in various file formats.



Training - free training for
all things Adobe

Adobe Creative Cloud TV on iTunes - great training. Not free
but there are some free videos
and the subscription is
reasonably priced. - great training.
Not free but there are some free
videos and the subscription is
reasonably priced.

Photoshop User TV on iTunes - Free podcasts!!!


Photoshop Tools - this is a link to an explanation of the tools on the Adobe website. It was hard to find, but not anymore.

Fun stuff

Plug-ins for Photoshop and Lightroom that extend the functionality; some are even stand alone apps. - Funky, fun creative tools - A little pricey, but love SnapArt. - free brushes,
gradients, textures, patterns, styles
and lots of other stuff. The site offers
a premium paid version as well.


The Non-Designer's Illustrator Book
by Robin WIlliams - my FAVORITE Illustrator book. - TONS of custom brushes

Using SVG - SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) is an image format for vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator. You can use SVG on the web, but there is plenty you should know. - free Illustrator brushes, contributed by the members. Offers a premium paid site that pays contributing members for art purchased. - Brushes, Actions, Symbols, Patterns. A few are free, most have a nominal fee.

Click here to download the How to Use the Pen Tool templates.

Photography Articles

Street Photography and The Law:
7 Things You Need to Know




My favortie authors so far:

Robin Williams
The Non-Designer Book Series

Scott Kelby*
Matt Kloskowski*
Dave Cross*
Leanne Davis
Katrin Eismann
Julieanne Kost
Terry White
RC Concepcion
Jack Davis
Ben Willmore

Bert Monroy

*I'll buy just about anything
by these people. And I've bought books from all the others as well. My book list is just toooooo
long for this space.

Also there's Photoshop User Magazine. Covers Photoshop, Lightroom, some other Adobe products, Lots of photography and details of the creative business. Sadly, this has become a online only magazine.


redrex photography plugins - Produces web galleries that are awesome and mobile friendly!

The Lightroom Queen - great resource for all things Lightroom.

Photography Sites - shopping, information, just cool stuff





Photography Awesome Sauce


Really want to learn code?
Here you go... - Awesome, relevent online training

Want a web career fast?
Bring lots of money, but it's worth it! GENERAL ASSEMBLY LA

Products I love

Apple Pen for iPad - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

Groovebook – it's an app for photos, but oh so cool.

Parabo Press - LOVE the 5.5" square prints! - one of my favorite photo labs

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